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Actions and behaviours considered under the term of self-harm are often thought of as coping mechanisms. A person who is self harming may feel a sense of relief after or during self harming, this can then spiral and end up in repeated episodes of self harm during difficult periods of life. However, following the initial relief experienced often negative and difficult feelings arise for example guilt, shame, sadness, anger and if the overwhelming emotions are not dealt with self harming can cause other issues such as suicidal thoughts, depression and anxiety.

In therapy we look to understand what you are struggling to cope with and look to see whether these concerns can be resolved. We also work with you to try and find other coping mechanisms that result in decreased negative feelings of shame, guilt etc when called upon.

Our counsellors are trained to deal with, and help patients with emotional issues, using alternative positive coping methods. Speaking with a trained counsellor can help a patient see alternative options to the issued faced and break the cycle of self harm.

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