Melissa Rolph

Senior Counsellor

I have a Masters in Relationship Therapy and have been supporting Couples, Families and Individuals with relationship and individual issues for 8 years.  


I am Relate Trained (The Relationship People) and offer Couples Counselling, Family Counselling and Individual Psychotherapy and Counselling .I have helped many couples, families and individuals in Cambridge rediscover trust after an affair, improve co-parenting and family relationships, overcome Anxiety Disorders and Depression. Calling me and attending an introductory appointment will be your first step towards reaching your goals.


In my experience, the moment you've got in touch, we're halfway towards finding the solution: we have some understanding about what the issue is and we're doing something about it.

Your feelings are valid.  You have the right to feel whatever you feel. You aren't exaggerating.  You aren't too sensitive.  You aren't being dramatic. You are hurting and that's ok.

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