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Embracing Inclusivity


At the Milton Therapy Clinic Cambridge we are committed to embracing inclusivity. To that end, we work using the BACP's code of ethics and are familiar with GSRD.


For those who may be unfamiliar with the term GSRD, it stands for Gender Sexuality Relationship Diversity. GSRD is an all encompassing term. Unlike terms such as LGBT+ which detail specific singular identities GSRD places Gender, Sexuality and relationships as broad categories. This means recognising that humans are far more complex than any singular relationship. It means acknowledging that there is a large spectrum within sexuality, gender and relationships, and we all need to be aware of this and embrace these sometimes subtle differences.

As counsellors we work with and respect the many aspects and parts of self, so what sense does it make to be strictly defined? In our work we fully recognise the pain that exclusion can bring, and we need to lead the way in including the excluded.


Of course, these guidelines are subject to change as our societal values and principals progress.  We will maintain a commitment to this subject, helping us to understand how we can best serve our clients.


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