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Family Counselling

Families can be very complicated. We are all individuals and have our own unique perspectives. We can experience life events a little differently from others, and when you add in your particular family dynamics, it’s perhaps inevitable that relationships can become strained.

There are many events and circumstances that can make family life stressful.If things do become fraught and perhaps overwhelming within a family, or if you are finding that old and unhelpful patterns are being repeated, family counselling will make a difference.

Family counselling, at the Milton Therapy Clinic is integrative systemic and psychodynamic therapy.  It helps the individual members of a family understand and empathise with others within the family unit, and attempt to change negative behaviours and resolve conflicts.

Family counselling gives families a safe and non-judgemental place to express themselves and explore their feelings and emotions. Families can discuss problems and differences within their familial relationships with the aim of improving communication and finding a way forward, together.

To avoid any individuals sense of being ‘ganged up’ on, the counselling will be inclusive, equal and considerate to every family member. It will look to acknowledge an individual’s strengths and then to build on them, aiming to work with all members of the family in a collaboration. Family counsellors will encourage engagement from all and be aware of, and sensitive to, the diverse nature of family relationships, forms, beliefs and cultures.

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