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I assume you are worried about how you or your partner are feeling in your relationship? Maybe there are feelings of unhappiness, anxiety, insecurity, fear, loneliness or anger (to name just a few)? Maybe you have concerns about how your relationship is going? Your communications, sex life, financial situation, plans for the future, or navigating issues right now? Ill health - both physical and emotional, monogamy or open relationship, drug use, losses, family concerns, parenting, work stress, external relationships, spirituality can all be the source of difficulties and conflict. Maybe you are finding that things do not feel balanced and that some issues just do not feel resolvable? Maybe you have tried to talk but just keep getting stuck in the same painful place?

Of course you maybe struggling for very similar reasons as people in heterosexual relationships but I understand there are some very real differences too. Discrimination, lack of family or societal support, misunderstandings about sex to name a few and then of course when problems occur it is not easy to find help and information.

Couples Counselling can be a positive experience at any stage of a relationship, as relationships pass through various stages new challenges and possibilities arise where counselling can facilitate growth, change and alleviate conflict. Very often, it is helpful when one or both of you are feeling misunderstood or isolated, or when you identify negative and destructive patterns

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