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Postnatal depression is one area where much has been done to understand this very distressing condition that can have long lasting affects if left untreated. Sufferers usually report being unable to engage with their new babies in the way they would like. They may have feelings of failure, sadness, exhaustion, anger and hostility to people around them including their baby. There are also marked changes to normal functioning which only serves to increase distress, these include sleep difficulties, changes in appetite, loss of libido, difficulty concentrating, low confidence and increased isolation.

There is no one single cause of Postnatal Depression and both women and men can suffer. As with other Depressions there are medications available and working with a therapist experienced in Postnatal Depression can be helpful.

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a space for exploring the experience of Postnatal Depression and examine ways for managing and alleviating symptoms. We have extensive experience of working with people suffering with Postnatal Depression.

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