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Self-confidence allows people to have a positive and realistic view of yourself and the circumstances in which you are involved. It means you are not afraid to make decision that involve change and do not fear challenges. If you are self-confident you have the courage to see your limitations.

Many people experience low self-confidence at times, often after a difficult time, experience or disappointment. have time in live when we lose these competence and we don’t feel at all confident. Loss of confidence will affect our ability to perform and we can feel paralyzed by fear and anxiety when faced with new challenges.

Because this may be a consequence of a past failure, or because one just has a negative feeling about something or is having doubts that limits the ability to perform many people find it helpful to be able to talk things through. Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a non judgemental space to explore the experience and look for possible ways for managing and alleviate symptoms. We have extensive experience of working with people suffering with Lack of confidence.

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