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This disorder is often identified when it can be difficult to express anger, there is a need for control, it can be difficult to maintain eye contact, to show affection, others say you don’t have a conscience.

It is thought that it occurs when children have been separated from primary care givers and starts to become apparent at around the age of 5.

Other mental health conditions are associated with Attachment Disorder including, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, Low self-esteem, substance abuse and social difficulties.

For children therapy and family therapy can often be helpful. For adults psychotherapy can be helpful although because one of the experiences is often to find it hard to trust others so we always recommend an initial session or sessions so that you can start to feel comfortable and relaxed.

Counselling and psychotherapy can offer a space for exploring the experience of Attachment Disorder and examine ways for managing and alleviating symptoms. We have extensive experience of working with people suffering with Attachment Disorder.

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