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Sumita Bhola

Associate Counsellor

My aim is simple: to help people who need some support in life.


I will listen to whatever you need to share,  however difficult the subject matter may be. If you can’t find the words to express the way you feel, I will help you to discover a way to bring out those emotions.


I work collaboratively with you and I sincerely believe people can gain so much more by working together on a problem. Whilst I will not tell you what to do (because I believe that you are best placed to know), I will definitely help you to understand yourself better. I firmly believe that increasing your self-knowledge will lead to greater potential for an improved quality of life.


I am particularly interested in working therapeutically in a natural (outdoor) setting. I believe that undertaking counselling in the “real world” is enormously enriching. Individuals that I have worked with have often explained to me how they want to feel “normal” and express a desire to fit in with the world around them. Research shows that being outdoors is beneficial to our health and that walking helps us to process our thoughts and feelings. This is why I offer walk-and-talk therapy.


I have helped people with a range of issues, including those with complex mental-health needs. I have supported individuals who have experienced anxiety, bereavement, childhood sexual abuse, hearing voices, isolation, low self-esteem, rape, self-harm and suicidal thoughts. I have also dealt with workplace issues such as bullying and given career and performance coaching. When individuals have felt lost, together we have looked at ways to find value and meaning in life.


If you need support and have a desire to do things differently, then perhaps you can make a change one step at a time and try walk-and-talk therapy. We will work together to meet your individual needs and allow answers to emerge naturally. I am confident we can make things better.

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