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Mandy Kitsell

Associate Counsellor

I have been a qualified counsellor/therapist for over 15 years.  I offer a non-judgemental, supportive place to work through difficult and sometimes traumatic issues. My style of counselling is varied dependant on the client, their needs and concerns.

Over the years I have worked with various agencies and supported adults, children and young people with many issues: 

  • I started my counselling career in G.P. Surgeries where I supported people with mental health issues, suicidal thoughts and urges, adoption issues, anxiety and much more.

  • Sue Ryder Care where I supported people around bereavement and loss.

  • CHUMS supporting children who are grieving or experiencing preparatory grief. 

  • I worked at Relate for 12 years as I had a desire to specialise more around Relationship Therapy. I am Relate trained to work with children, young people, couples, families and to facilitate group work or run training workshops. During my time with Relate, I continued my training in working with Domestic Abuse, (perpetrators, victims and families). I’ve also worked in prisons over the years working with offenders and trained to work with Sexual Offending (perpetrators, victims and families).

With any child, young person, adult, couple or family I work with I help and facilitate the work they want to do at their pace.  I also use sand trays and other creative interventions with adults if talking becomes difficult. 

With children and young People, I work with talking therapy as well as play therapy and creativity, depending on the best way to work with each individual. 

I have had the opportunity during my counselling career to be interviewed by both Anglia and BBC local news talking about teenage depression and how we can support teenagers experiencing depression.  Several other times I have been interviewed with Radio Cambridge and BBC Radio 4 regarding counselling, accessing help and support, and more specifically about Domestic Abuse. This has been a privilege and helped to get the message out there for all those who want and need extra support 

During the past 15 years I have felt honoured to work with those who have been my clients. It is a privilege that I don’t take lightly. Meet with me for an introductory session to help you start your journey making the changes you want.

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